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Wait, three endings?

You expect me to go out and find the third one? Isn't getting out of the forest good enough?


Good job you made me scared of haachama more then I already am :p in anyways that was a very fun game thank you and well done on it, it's terrifying. I even made a video playing 


That was such a great playthrough! Unfortunate about the end though. You missed a really "important" note in the house, aside from that good job on pretty much beating the game. 

Thank you ^-^

i tried to download haachama's forest but i cant it said this title is hosted on an incompatible third party website and im confused

Which OS? The game is too large to be hosted on itch so the link is to a Google drive download

idk what my os is but i will use a google drive

What kind of browser are you using? It might not allow you on google drive.

i use google chrome

That's weird, it shouldn't have any problems. Are you downloading it on your personal computer? There seems to be issues with school computers trying to download it.

uhm whys the windows build locked?

Sorry about that, I was deleting the previous version and accidentally locked the whole folder.  It should be unlocked now

Deleted 2 years ago

i checked again now and its still locked somehow :P

Check it now


yeah now works thanks <3

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When I discover this game, I was so excited to play this game cause I'm a huge fan of Haachaama. This game is really really good, I never expected this game to give me a really good scare, Although I didn't complete the game, I'll make sure to comeback play this game again. Looking forward for more games from you. On the side note, I have no complains about the gameplay except the lag

Also, If you can update the game, can you also have a game quality for laptops (you'll see why...)


Thank you so much for the rating! It'd be my dream to watch her or any of the girls to play this game. I never planned on updating, but I probably might to fix a couple bugs. I'll keep the quality in mind.

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It's simplistic, but also fun. Taking a page out of Slender: The 8 pages, but with an anime twist and some good scares (That room was genius) my only issue was that I somehow glitched on a tree and was stuck there waiting for my demise.


That commentary was pretty funny and those were some classic animes you mentioned. Unfortunante that you got stuck on that branch though :/


Pretty cool game. I was able to get the True Ending and Bad Ending too. I don't know if the dolls stay where you die if you die while holding them, but I was having trouble finding them all after getting the other 2 endings. Unless maybe they spawn in different locations every time?


That was a pretty good playthrough! Outmaneuvering her in the building was pretty wild. They do spawn in different locations but cluster around the same area. 1 or 2 is usually in the woods but most are around buildings, cars, path, and objects that stick out. You can check around the shrine too because 1 is usually there. She can't enter closed room either so you can wait her out in buildings if you close the door. Headphones help too with the direction she's coming from and direction of the dolls.  Hope this helps!

Oh and the videos at the end have nothing to do with the game, they're like a credits screen and play in a loop.

i love it

Glad you enjoyed it!