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You wake up in a strange room you've never been to. You have no idea as to why you got here, but you instinctively know you must escape since it feels like you aren't alone. With you is a small handheld radio and lighter. Even though you've never been here before, it feels familiar. You already know that to escape is to burn the rope effigies scattered about. The radio should help you find them or avoid danger. 


WASD - Move

Shift - Sprint

Q - Switch Item

LMB/E - Interact

RMB - Alt Interact

H - Use Medkit

F - Drop Glowstick

Esc - Pause

"Sometimes, it's better not to see..."


  • Having the radio on will help detect if the keeper (crying) or effigy (whispering) is nearby and from which direction.
  • You can't hear without the radio.
  • Effigies are nailed on walls.
  • It's easier to get lost while running.
  • The keeper will see you before you see it.
  • Use glowsticks sparingly for marking rooms.
  • The lighter is bright and can be seen from adjacent rooms.
  • Hearing a heartbeat means you should start running.


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1.0.0 PC.zip 65 MB
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1.0.0 Mac.zip 68 MB


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Hello, dear dev!

I kinda beat the game! ...Maybe?
Here's my video!

It's so simple but atmospheric!
The ghost's chasing actually got me!

In my opinion for feedback, the map is quite wide.
I'm not good at mapping in my head, so giving up mapping.
I wish I had a map.

And I'm so impressed the death ending.
That means I was hanged? The upside down is dope.
(To be honest, it takes a while to realize what that means)

Thank you for letting me play! I had fun!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! The ghost is a curse, so even if you win you still die. I'm glad you finished it though, I wanted to make the game hard lol.

Show post...


Thank you for playing! Hope it was spooky enough for you!


This was really tough! I didn't find any of the effigies on my first runthrough, my second was a little more successful but not by much!! I love the idea of this though!


Thank you for playing and love the commentary! I'll update the description to make it a bit easier.


It's a bit difficult, but it's an interesting game. Those who like horror games can enjoy it. I recommend you
Subscriptions and likes are a great help for video production.

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!